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Hi guys, I'm starting this blog to document my journey with the dukan diet. I startet three months ago, a couple of weeks before christmas which wasn't the best of decisions. So in the beginning I quickly dropped 5 kilos but then lost focus a little and have been stuck with this loss ever since. Now I want to motivate myself and others to get excited again and be consistent. Since I already know what it feels like to do this diet I know that this is a diet that is really rewarding! Seriously, it'll take you 4-7 days and then you will be completely ecstatic! You will feel energized, awake and really, really good about yourself. Of cause it is not very diverse, especially in the beginning, but it works. I also want to do this diet in combination with a sports program. I'm trying to do at least 30min of exercise a day. Since I swim three times a week, I'm planning to go running and also will pick up some pilates (with youtube tutorials) for the days I don't feel really energetic. In this blog I will share my progress, post some recipes I find helpful and sports tutorials that I found most enjoyable. So I hope you will enjoy this, and for me, I hope that I'll reach my goal: drop 15 kilos. Cheers!
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